The cost of ketamine treatment

The cost of ketamine treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health problems varies. Some clinics are charging up to $1,000 per single treatment.

At Ketamine SLC it is our mission to be able to help our patients get the treatment they need.

Initial Consultation: Free

Single Treatment: $300

Six Treatment Regimen: $1,800 

Our clinic is paving the way in the treatment of anxiety for Utah residents. Our staff is fully committed to helping each of our patients find relief and live their best lives. Our ketamine treatment has shown incredible results when other treatments have failed. We would like to invite you to learn more about the benefits of this treatment and discover if this therapy is right for you.

Why do you charge what you do?

Ketamine SLC has a revolutionary approach to ketamine treatment with outstanding results. While most clinics focus on making more profit, we strive to help as many patients as possible.

Ketamine therapy is an amazing solution for veterans suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety or OCD.

We honor and appreciate the service of our veterans and want to be able to help as many vets as possible. Call us to ask about how we’re helping Veterans through our partnership with 

Is ketamine treatment right for you? A free consultation will help you to learn how ketamine helps treat mental health and mood disorders
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